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A good exterior of the builidng brings out the character of the structure. Mass and Design - be it classical or contemporary, stone tiled or textured - should be pleasing to the eyes and at the same time should be practical with optimized space planning


Interiors of a building, especially of commercial nature, should enhance the positive vibes of the occupants and the visitors. A sense of peace and harmony should vibrate from every element of the structure thus contributing to the wellness of all.

"Public Utility Buildings"

Strength and capacity are the main features of any Public Utitlity building. Only an experienced architect and visualize the right design to structure which utilizes the maximum space and at the same time has easy access and personal spacing.


It takes more than just architecture to design a good house and convert it to a great home. Warmth in the Living Room, Peace in the Bed Room, Concentration in the Study, Brightness in the Family are some of the important aspects of Good living.